Decolonial Struggles and Performative Interventions into Western Politics (Marissa Lôbo)



“Almost all of my works are connected with a collective work, and I would say with a very political construction of identities, not essentialist, but always in relation with the concept of being migrant, a political subject.”

Interview with Marissa Lôbo about critical performative interventions into the colonial regime of western politics, decolonization of queer, and migrant, refugee, anti-racists and anti-sexists struggles.

Vienna, November 2013

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*Marissa Lôbo is a migrant black activist and artist born in Bahia, Brazil. She co-ordinates the cultural work within an self-organisation of migrant women, MAIZ (, engaged in  artistically critical education related to anti-racist or anti-sexist struggles. Her critique addresses hegemonic sexualised and racialized body regimes from a queer of color perspective. She aims to de-colonize queer theory and to intervene in this white supremacist narrative and she studies Post Conceptual Art Practices at the Academy for fine Arts in Vienna.