From Biopolitics and Necropolitics to Geo-politics and Body-politics of Knowledge

Madina Tlostanova

The article focuses on the interrelated epistemic and ontological dimensions of the global crisis of modernity and critically analyses the possible ways out offered within various Western and non-Western paradigms (such as biopolitics and necropolitics), arguing for the decolonial (post)continental geopolitics and body-politics of knowledge stressing locality as not merely a geo-historical location of the knowing subject, but also the epistemological correlation with the sensing body, percepting the world from a particular locale and particular local history. Rethinking of the Cartesian formula “I think therefore I am” into “I am where I think” comes along with a discrediting of neo-liberal market teleology and the last progressivist universalist vector of global history vanishes together with the last closed utopia of the global salvation.

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