Interview with the collective Enmedio

“The interruption of the dominant narrative to create our own is the sort of politics we’re interested in.” Frustrated by the lack of connection between art and political action, Campa, Leo, Mario y Oriana created, among others, the colectivo Enmedio (“InBetween collective”) (Barcelona) to explore the transformative potential of images and tales. They recently hacked the statue of Columbus in Barcelona and, amongst many other initiatives, they are also responsible for the striking visual campaign used by Spain’s anti-foreclosure movement, the PAH, to highlight and publicly shame corrupt politicians responsible for maintaining Spain’s draconian foreclosure laws. We talk to them about art’s power to politically intervene, both practically and potentially, in the crisis.

Published in: Militant Research Hand-Book, by Natalie Bookchin, Pamela Brown, Suzahn Ebrahimian, colectivo Enmedio, Alexandra Juhasz, Leónidas Martin, MT L, Nicholas Mirzoeff, Andrew Ross, A. Joan Saab, Marina Sitrin, New York University 2013. Download the interview with Enmedio in .pdf

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