Communication Guerrilla: Transversality in Everyday Life? (Marion Hamm)

“Over the past few years, global movements have been continuously producing public spheres where the distinction between the “real” and the “virtual” is fading away. From encounters in the geographical space of large mobilisations and local preparation meetings on one hand, and the thicket of websites, webfora, email lists, chatrooms and wikis on the other, a new, hybrid communication space is emerging. The practices in this emerging communication space are by far exceeding the expectations attached to the concept of cyberspace as discussed with much fascination during the 80 and 90s. The fusion of virtual and physical spaces, body and technology turns out to be taken much more taken for granted, much more embedded in everyday life than anyone had imagined. So, what does this emerging communication space look like, what are its preconditions, in which situations does it open up and what constitutes its boundaries?”

Interview with Marion Hamm about creative activism, new media, communication guerrilla and transversality in everyday life.

The interview was filmed in Antic Teatre during a self-organized international gathering of creative activism, How to End Evil. 5 Days of Art and Activism, 27 to 31 of March, 2012, organized by Enmedio.

Barcelona, March 2012

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*Marion Hamm, studied history and cultural studies in Tübingen (Ludwig Uhland Institut für Empirische Kulturwissenschaft) and Birmingham (CCCS). Since 1999 contributions to Indymedia UK and the european noborder network. Practical need for IT-collaboration tools led to a theoretical interest in the appropriation of virtual and physical spaces. Presently works as a researcher at Lucerne University (CH).